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Fluffy Cheese Tea

Have You Tried Cheese Tea Yet?

There are all sorts of interesting hot beverages out there these days – if you want to drink your coffee out of an avocado or a carrot, you certainly can thanks to innovative coffee shop owners the world over.


And it seems that the world of tea is just as intriguing, since you can now enjoy a delicious cup of cheese tea… which we’re sure you’re all as keen as mustard to go and try right now.


Apparently, this interesting tipple first came to the fore in Taiwan where it’s been going great guns and has now spread to Singapore, Hong Kong and New York – so we can probably expect to see it on UK shores sooner rather than later.
The original drink was made with a powdered form of cheese, but the boundaries are being pushed even further with the use of fresh cream cheese. This is beaten with some evaporated milk until frothy, whereupon it’s poured over some iced tea to give it a lovely fluffy topping.
What do you think? We’d love to know if you’d be keen to try this very latest option on the hipster food and drink menu… although we highly doubt if it’ll overtake more traditional styles of tea as the nation’s favourite drink.
According to the Tea Advisory Panel, 77 per cent of British adults enjoy cups of tea and in the UK 95 per cent of the tea drunk each year is black. We’re not sure what – if any – health benefits there are to cheese tea but normal tea can really help reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes, reduce blood pressure and even help with weight loss!
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